Server Guide

New to the server? New to Discord? Don’t have a clue what’s going on or need a refresher? Here’s our handy guide to the basic features of our server and how to use it.


You may be wondering who the colourful people are! They are:

Admins: These guys run the server and can help you out with any problems. Need help? You can ping them @Admins

Mods: These guys help the Admins and you’ll see them around. Say hi, and don’t be afraid to to DM (Direct Message) them if you need anything. You can send a DM by right-clicking on their name and selecting Message. Need help? You can ping them @Mods Who are the server Admins and Mods? Find out more about us here:

Professionals: These folk in purple work in the publishing industry, or have published their own book, either traditionally or through self-publishing. They know their stuff and are a valuable resource in the world of book publishing.

Citizens: Users who fit the qualifications pinned in #roles. This role gives access to the critique channels, resource, inspiration, the off topic room, the publishing channel, writing sharing channel, and the art channel.

The Channels

Here is a list of all our server #channels:

#writing_general = Talk all about writing and take part in our Question of the Day! Type !qotdinfo to find out more.
#fantasy = For fantasy genre discussion, including urban, epic, high and everything in between.
#science_fiction = For sci-fi genre discussion, including hard and soft sci-fi as well as science fantasy.
#contemporary = For all your general literature needs.
#horror = For horror genre discussion, including Lovecraftian, space oddities, supernatural horror, gore, psychological horror and everything in between.
#historical = For historical discussion. Keep in mind that all discussion of tragic, terrible, and horrific details of the past must be treated with respect.
#crime-thriller = For crime and thriller genre discussion, including murder mysteries, mysteries, true crime and everything in between.
#romance = For romance genre discussion, including RWA romance, love stories and everything in between.
#poetry = For poetry questions, rhyming help, and poetry sharing and critique. You may post your own poetry excerpts here to share or receive feedback. See the Pinned messages.
#scriptwriting = For scriptwriting help, resources, and general talking in relation to it.
#publishing = Discuss the writing industry and industry news. Get help on your queries and pitches. Need Citizen rank.
#storycraft = For general writing discussions involving prose help, character help, outlining, one sentence help, and everything in between. We also host regular WB Chats events. Type !wbchatinfo to find out more. You may post single lines for critique in #storycraft.
#writing_sharing = Share writing you don’t want critique, but wouldn’t mind discussion on, here. Writing must be your own. See Pinned messages for sharing rules. Citizen role required.
Want to share your writing and receive feedback and critique from our server? First, be a Citizen. Second, read the rules and formatting listed in #critique-rules channel. Failure to do so may result in removal of your post. You may post your writing to either #critique_1 or #critique_2. If a new post was recently posted in crit_1, then post yours in crit_2, or vice versa to prevent new posts from being buried. Do not DM anyone asking them to critique your piece. Anyone who does, does so on a volunteer basis.
#beta_finder = Looking for more in-depth feedback? Advertise for a beta reader here. Follow the format pinned in #beta_finder for more info. You need writer rank to access this channel. See #roles
#rules = If you’re new, take a look at our rules to make sure you don’t miss anything.
#roles = Use this channel to learn of and join server specific ranks. See the pinned messages in #roles for details.
#news = Where you can find the latest server news, announcements and events.
#spotlight = Twice a month, we run a writer’s spotlight where writers can talk about their work-in-progress and answer questions.
How to get Spotlight role In #roles type !rank Spotlight In order to leave the role, you do the same thing
How this works 1. Fill out the application here: 2. A mod will tell you if you have been approved. This is based off of your project not contradicting any of the server rules and also on the completion of your project. Remember, this is to help you worldbuild more and talk about your project in a question and answer type setting. 3. We will use a random number generator and pick two random users at the start of the month. These users then have any day within a two week time to host their spotlight. A spotlight runs 24 hours. So, if you start your spotlight at 11am on Tuesday you have until 11am on Wednesday. 4. Spotlights will not be repeated while we still have people who have not gone
#competition = Our weekly writing prompt which starts every Wednesday! What story can you tell in 250-750 words? See the channel for more info and rules. Winning entries are added to our website: the archive of competition entries can be found here:
#the_cafe = Off-Topic channel where non-writing subjects are allowed. You need the Citizen rank to post. See #roles on how to obtain Citizen rank.
#resource = A channel dedicated to writing resources. Use discord’s search feature to find things. No idle chatter in this channel. For documents only. You can find a list of resources on our website:
#inspiration = Have a picture that inspires you? A certain song? Go ahead and share it with the community here. All shareable content should follow server rules and include a minor description so that the picture can be searched. No idle chatter in this channel.
#reading_room = To be a successful writer you must read. Discuss what you’re reading here, or get reading recommendations from your fellow writers.
#writing_sprint = Competitive? Need a dedicated amount of time to write? Take part in writing sprints. Type !help (or view the Pins) to see all bot commands. Got an issue? DM a Mod.
#voice_chat = Using Discord, you can chat with your fellow writers. All you need is a headset/microphone. You must be Citizen rank to use voice.
News, rules, guides and resources will be pinned to specific channels that could be useful to you. New pins are added all the time, so get into a habit of checking them out! WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK THE PINS! On Desktop, you can view the Pins by clicking on the little pin icon in the top right window. On mobile, you need to tap the vertical dot icon to access pins. New/unread pins will have a red dot next to the icon.
The roles we use on the server can be used to mention/ping other users with that role, or receive notifications (or pings) or any news or events. For a full list of joinable roles, see #roles and click on the pinned messages. You can join a role by going into #roles and typing “!rank role”.
Want to place your writing in a nice neat text box? These are useful when we do line sharing or for #poetry and #writing_sharing. You can do so by surrounding your text with three “`” backtick keys.
Want an easy way to refer to your work-in-progress? Write up a short blurb about your book and DM fictionalpieces to create a bot command that can be summoned whenever you wish to speak about your book! Don’t know what a blurb is? Type !blurb in #writing_general.
You may notice some of our users have numbers or percentages in their name like Name [W: 15%] or Name [O: 10/80] These are our users’ way of tracking word counts and other milestones with their project. You can do so by editing your own nickname every time you reach a new milestone (Right click on your Profile Pic and select Change Nickname). Here are some examples you can use and an explanation of what they mean: W: Project Word Count O: Outlining Scene/Chapter Count E: Editing Progress RW: Rewriting Progress R: Reading Progress
If you’re using Mobile Discord and can’t find out how to access your mentions, here’s how. First, click on the main menu. At the very bottom on the right side will be an @ symbol. Tap on this to reach your recent mentions!
Is your message in a red font? That means it didn’t send properly, either through an internet error or due to a Discord server outage. View the Discord server status here: Visit the Discord website for support such as lost passwords:
Take part in an interactive Q&A session hosted by our members. Each session will last about an hour and go through an in-depth series of questions designed to help you look at your story, outlining and world building closely. These events will take place in the #storycraft channel in various timezones. To take part, join the wbchat rank and you’ll be notified of new chat events. See #roles Missed one? Don’t worry! Questions from each WB Chat will be pinned for you to access at any time. See #resource for old chats.
A mini-version of our WB Chat sessions. Once a day a question (QotD) will be asked in #writing_general about your character, story or world to get you thinking. These can range from character development questions like “What is your main character’s deepest fear?” to world building questions such as “What dangers exist in your protagonists world?” Anyone can take part and answer a question with AotD (Answer of the Day). If you’ll like to be notified of a new QotD, you can join the qotd rank. See #roles Want to submit your own question? Use the form here: