Our Friends

Love writing, but looking for more in-depth subjects to discuss? Then visit our friends over at these Discord Servers and Subreddit Communities:

Pub Tips

New to book publishing and need publishing and writing advice? Visit the professionals at Pub Tips to keep up to date with industry events and learn from their regular advice column, Habits & Traits:

World Building

If you’re looking for more in depth world building that isn’t necessarily writing focused, head over to our friends at r/worldbuilding:


World Anvil is an application designed for writers, storytellers, game designers, script writers, and all creatives into the art of world building. This Discord server is the place that the community comes together to talk worldbuilding but also to help in the continuous development of the application
https://discord.gg/WHuu4qH or find them at http://www.worldanvil.com


If you’re looking for conlanging help, or curious how to create your own fantasy language, then these can help:


If you’re looking for poetry writers and more in-depth conversation on poetry, try here: