The Team

Writer’s Block takes time to run. All mods are volunteers and you’ll see them around. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to engage them in conversation. They want to talk writing just as much as you. To help, here is our team!



Founder and creator of Writer’s Block, fici (always lowercase and yes, that’s her actual nickname) decided one day to see what would happen if she invited writers from all over to share in an online community. So far, no governments have toppled so she thinks it’s going pretty swell. She writes mostly sci-fi, some fantasy, and dabbles in lit-fic. You’ll find her throughout the server and at times talking to the bots, she’s a little fond of them. She has published one novella so far, which can be found on Amazon under the title DreamLync.


Resident cult creator. Started the server on Vandermeer, Miéville, and Calvino. She is always looking for new authors to inundate unsuspecting members with. When not playing Guild Wars you can find her writing NOT ROMANCE fantasy, esoteric small-town adventures, and massive worlds involving griffons. You may catch her in various channels popping in with a real-life story that relates and makes you wonder if she’s truly living on Earth.



Ali is one of those weird anime fans who somehow infiltrated the team. During the day, she’s a broke, Dutch student with a love for drop and stroopwafels. At night, she works on her fantasy and sci-fi projects. You can find her often in writing general or in the fantasy and science-fiction channels.

Bobby Ishikawa

Bobby is a bad novelist and an even worse blogger based in Sydney, Australia. He likes quality booze and writing on the train, but be mindful that he hates bad spelling.


Ice is the resident Dutchman and an aficionado of the odd. He loves monsters, ghosts, and in-depth explorations of platonic and parental relationships. A fan of New Weird and magic, his books and ideas expand across multiple genres. Meaning, he expands across the server, taking residence in many of the genre channels.


Indesii (pronounced in-da-sea) is an aspiring climate scientist with interests in geopolitics and history. She typically writes science fiction but dabbles in romance as of late. If you’re after recommendations for good books, this girl commutes (reads) four hours a day and is happy to share titles from all genres.


Jester is the resident weeb who’s somehow been allowed to stay. A tech writer by trade, she writes on the morning train crammed between transient suits, elbows, and newspapers—and occasionally during lunch when the weather is nice. Her current work-in-progress is inspired by her love of sword fights, space opera, and smarmy bastards.


Kocha is the resident historian and a recent initiate to the modding team. He prefers to write in the science fiction and fantasy genres. A financial professional by day, he has eyebags deeper than his pockets. You can find him in the fantasy and historical channels, muttering about leather armor and bad economics.


Nav is a twenty-something chemist by day, and usually a twenty-something chemist by night, too, because work is demanding. She enjoys writing in cafes and on her couch, though has been known to do so anywhere there is a weak internet connection. She writes primary Thrillers, Contemporaries, and Romances, though has tried her hand in Fantasy and Sci-Fi. The only things that offend her are Nickelback and virgin cocktails.